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Yeah, right.. - "I think you're really gonna love it here.." [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kimberly, "The Bombing Babe"

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Yeah, right.. [Dec. 13th, 2012|06:10 pm]
Kimberly, "The Bombing Babe"
"Loving might be a mistake, but it's worth making" y tha fuck did mutha say sumthin like dat. 2 let me kno damon is tha luve drug addiction 2 her? I hate them 4 being selfish n not caring bout me, rite? Stacy pisses me off, sucking up 2 dat horny husseler n Eileen told her behind my back dat im too paranoid n dat i always make everythin sumethin bout me, ya kno? Eileen can kiss my fat blobby ASS!! she love 2 to do da Wild thing or sumethin or nothin...i get so fuckin pissed i fuckin need 2 rant..i think they all do Wild Things,makes me sick 2 my stomach