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Back to Vent yet again.. - "I think you're really gonna love it here.." [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kimberly, "The Bombing Babe"

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Back to Vent yet again.. [Dec. 2nd, 2011|10:29 pm]
Kimberly, "The Bombing Babe"
I've, as usual, been thinking about my condition and thinking about how I guess I just feel so annoyed that to some, my gender is open to interpretation. I know, maybe if you really think about it ANYONE's gender can open to interpretation, but I still think its clearly less for "normal" XX and XY's. I don't want to hear that while I may THINK of myself as female that technically my body isn't. I don't want to hear that I have a female "phenotype" which means I appear female but technically, I just want to seen as a female, in mind body and spirit...and is it any wonder its messed up my ability to be with men in that way? Of course it makes me scared of what they'll think of my body..I question it myself, I always THOUGHT I was a girl, even "down there", but given the rude comments family have made about that w/ me..does it make others feel like more of a woman to make me feel like less of one?? Sorry, but when you have barely any boobs, and have had a hysterectomy to that def makes you no more of a woman than someone w/ Turners. And for the record, if I have a penis, then I've wasted a hell of a lot of money on pads over the almost past 12 years since I started my medically induced periods..I swear its just the way some people are about TS makes me just want to go doctor Shaw on their asses, teach them to mess w/ anyone with one X chromosome ever again...and I don't like to put people down others w/ my condition, but seriously some of the You Tube videos, can't we get someone w/ TS who can speak w/ some intelligence?? (I don't mean ALL of them of course, some are completely fine, but others well, the learning difficulties are very apparent and there are clear speech impediments. It lends credence to the false misconception that those w/ TS are mentally retarded. I mean some of these people were so bad, I just didn't feel the connection, like it's hard to believe I have the same thing as they do...