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Kimberly, "The Bombing Babe"

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Yep, here to rant... [Oct. 17th, 2012|08:34 pm]
Kimberly, "The Bombing Babe"
Apparently, as I said, people get too pissy on FB when I mention my feelings about being anti-love/anti-relationships. Most of those people don't know me, what I've went through, and my specific circumstances that have lead to my feelings on relationships/marriage. Sure, there are still some good single men out there, I'm sure, they are just not for me...if they are a good, single man, I can pretty safely assure you they want me or the baggage that comes WITH me...and I get so tired of people becoming so engulfed in relationships that everyone and everything that was in their life before the relationship falls by the waste-side..I know your significant other needs to be that, significant in you life, but they shouldn't be your whole life and fuck your friends that were in your life before you met that person...I don't change, compromise, or make sacrifices for ANYONE anymore. Too many times I've gotten burned. I'm tired of people depending on me, crying on my shoulder, and demanding things from me, and acting like I am horrible/wrong if I don't do/give them what they want. I get enough of it w/ parents and certain so-called friends, I don't need it from a relationship...Just thinking about my sisters and my upcoming birthdays, I got this overwhelming sense of depression, I mean I am so stressed and haven't been able to go on a vacation in 2 years mainly because of my family drama, and I cannot possibly enjoy myself when I do..it's just one thing after another and it never gets better there is NO light at the end of the tunnel..